Thursday, September 3, 2009

A poem for breaking false images

By Amanda Robin

I see you through the fog
Of my life,
Standing there with your friends.

I think to myself,
Should I go over there
And introduce myself?

My throat feels like
Pine needles stuck in it.
My eyes feel focused
Like a hawk.
My lungs are tightened
Like a crushed can.
My palms are as wet
With sweat as
Niagara Falls.
My heart is in
My stomach.

And you know what?
They want me to find
My soul mate!
I can’t even talk
To you my friend!


  1. this is really well written. Sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah and Drifter, I enjoy writing poetry and someday I planned to try to publish my work. Right now, I will settle for sharing it with beautiful, understanding people like the two of you.