Sunday, February 14, 2010

My soulmate

A Man in My Mist
by Amanda Robin

My Lord, I don't know
I saw a man today
Just like you gently
Whispered in my ear
That I would find.

My Lord, I don't know
This man had a honey
Soft voice,
Beautiful hands,
Nice hair
(always loved hair),
And was kind,
And sweet.

My Lord, I don't know
But he was right where
You said he would be.

My Lord, I don't know
Because I am trembling
Like a leaf.
Scared to dream,
Scared to believe,
And Scared I am wrong.

My Lord, I don't know
But you know
So please give me
Your wisdom,
and Patience
In the this delicate

I love you God
Your servant,



  1. This is so beautiful and true, Amanda, I loved reading it.

  2. Thanks Lil. You totally get me. That's cool.

  3. Thank you Laura

    Hey Polar Bear, haven't seen you around. Thanks for the compliement.

    Everyone, I glad people liked this. It was written from my heart!