Friday, December 11, 2009


First I would like to apologize for how long it has taken me to post a new blog. I don't have many followers, but I have faithfull followers! I also wanted to tell the Medcaffs that I am praying for there son Brandon. If anyone else wants prayers let me know because that what I do. Anyway, here is a poem for Christmas for all of you.
By Amanda Robin

You scurry in your busy malls
For just the perfect gift.
You wonder to yourself.
Why am I not there?
It’s because I can’t
Stand to be in a crowd.
A crowd I think
Is judging me!

You hurry to
Dance recitals,
Christmas Carols,
And holiday movies.
And still you wonder
Why I am not there?
It because social engagements
Make me jump out of my skin.

You go to family gathering
Plates full of food.
Laughter resonating
Off the walls.
People connecting
With others they haven’t
Seen all year.
And still you wonder
Why I am not there?
Professionals describe
It as too much energy
In the room

However, I sit near my
Nativity scene
And pray.
I pray for peace in the world
Love in my heart,
And joy for you.


  1. You are blessed with a wealth of Christmas spirit. Very nice poem, Amanda. Oh and by the way, please say a little prayer for me, I'm really worried about my health.

  2. I will do that Drifter. What's your health problem, if I might ask?

  3. A beautiful poem, Lady. I believe you have the TRUE spirit of Christmas within you.

  4. Thanks Charlie. That means a lot to me!

  5. So glad that I was able to find your blog!
    Love your poem and you seem to have such a big heart. May the LORD richly bless you.

  6. Lady Amanda,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Nice poem!

  7. Thanks Laura and Bear for finding my blog and thanks for the compliment on my poem.

    Laura thank you for the blessings wishes!