Wednesday, January 20, 2010


By Amanda Robin

I thank God with
A heart full of love
That overflows like
The Jordan
For the friends
He has given to me.

It wasn’t always this
I used to stand
Like a lone statue
On the playground
All by my little lonesome.

It got so bad over the years
Repeatedly like nails
To starch on a chalkboard.
That in college
I shelled out money
To buy friends.
They called it
A sorority
But I call it cult

Then recovery came
Like a breath of fresh air.
Then millions of friends
Came on the wings of Angels.


  1. Dear one, thank you for your honesty. I certainly can relate to the shelling out of money to buy friends. (((((Lady Amanda))))

  2. I try to be honest, Real, sometimes it gets me in trouble, but most of the time it's good for the soul. Thanks for stoping by my blog.
    Dear blog friend

  3. What a wonderful poem—you're quite good at expressing yourself in verse.

    I know about buying friends—I did it for twenty-five years in barrooms.

    But I recovered from that almost twenty-two years ago. Friends come naturally if we treat them the way we want to be treated—The Golden Rule.

  4. Keep up the writing Amanda. Someday you should publish your work and maybe it will inspire others who deal with a similar situation.

  5. Thank you Charlie and Amber!

    Charlie, I never thought of acholocism as buying people, but I could see the comparsion. Congrats on be sober for over two decades. You're right friends do come naturally. Amber is one of them;)

    Amber, Someday I will publish my work for money. Right now it's just in my college's Literary Arts Magizine. I do like the way art helps people. I think your work and my work does the same thing! Different prospective and different medium!

    Thanks everyone for reading