Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life is crazy

Life is Crazy
By Amanda Robin

You think I am crazy?
Check out life!
It will throw you
For a roll coaster ride.
One minute things
Are up.
The next there down.
You thought you didn’t
Have many friends
Then you lost them
And realized you
Had way more than
A handful.
So you tried to change
That and guess what!
You have way more
Than a handful again.
Boys seem to come
And go.
You think well,
“I always have
My girls.”
Then a really fly
Guy who
Just happens not
To smoke
Shows up right
In front of your face.
Your dreams fall apart
And you decide to
Dust yourself off!
You do things
Little by little.
Then you realize
You have created
A life for yourself
That makes
The old dream
Pale in comparison.
Yep, that’s life
And in a really nice
And exciting way
It’s pretty screwed up!


  1. Amanda, yup up and down. Sometimes I want to throw up from the ride. Blessings.

  2. So you get it! Cool. Hugs to you my sister in Christ.

  3. Hey Sarah,

    Thanks for stopping. I didn't realize so many people would relate.

    Hugs my sister in Christ

  4. ups and downs are a part of life. Stay strong ok.

  5. I will, thanks. Glad you could relate