Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Baby steps
By Amanda Robin

Jesus I hear you whispering
Softly in my ear.
You’re telling me
My answer,
That I have waited
My whole life to hear.
You say, “Take baby steps.”

I look back on the vastness
Of my life and think,
“Yeah, baby steps
That’s how I achieved
All I have.”

“When I was so sick
With my mental illness
That I didn’t know if I
Would live to see thirty
You helped me with
Baby steps,
Get through eight years
Of college.”

“When I wanted to come out
Of my island of loneliness
Known as isolation,
You helped me with
Baby steps,

make more friends
than I have ever
Dreamed possible."

Now oh my Jesus
I want to connect
With a handsome man
And your answer is
“Baby steps.”


  1. beautiful. I found my happiness with a man when I stopped looking. I pray you find a wonderful man who is handsome and kind. But, all in goodd time. Till then keep baby stepping it.

  2. Hey there I am going to call you Pink, if you don't mind! Just want to make it more personal.

    Anyway, thank you for the compliment on my poem. You're right that you find a man when you stop looking because I did. I kind of was a little elusive in that poem, but my problem is not that I haven't found the right man, it's acutally connecting with him. You see in one of my group therapies. I know you're not suppose date people in group therapy. Anyway, there is this really hot, nice guy, that doesn't smoke! I don't know if you ever found this to be true, maybe it doesn't matter because maybe you smoke, but most people with the illness smoke. Anyway, he's wonderful, he's just very quiet. I started having conversations with him. Now I am going to get him to walk me to my car, then maybe we can do coffee. I think one of the reason I am attracted to him is his quiet. It's just hard because I have to start everything. But pray all the same. I have to baby step to get to the point of dating him!

    Thank you again for being my new follower.

    Hugs and Blessing,

  3. Just checking back on ya. Blessings, JBR

  4. Hello Amanda, You write very touching poetry, and the images of the flowers are spectacular.

    Blessings from Barbara

  5. Hi Amanda, sweet poem! I like how you included mental health terminology in your poem and defined it such as isolation. The writing was refreshing, thank you!


  6. Hello my sister in Christ,
    Thanks for checking in!

    Barb, I glad you liked my poem. Just so I don't take credit for something that isn't mine. I didn't take the pictures of the followers that just something I gotten off the computer.

    Ashley, I am glad you liked my poem too! I try to keep this blog about mental illness so thanks for noticing.

    To all three, forgive me for taking so long to get back to you.

    Hugs to all with blessings,