Friday, April 23, 2010

Out of confusion comes Clarity

Clarity, Really?
By Amanda Robin

I wonder through the vast
Streets of life and wonder
Where the heck is this
Should I turn left?
Maybe I will meet my end
That way?
Should I turn right?
Maybe happiness lies
That way?
I trudge on keeping
The same pace and path.

If I do the same thing
All the time,
Won’t I end up with
The same result?

I am scared,
Heart broken,
And defiantly
Not going the right way.

Yes, I choose the Lord
To guide me,
But He gave me
This funny thing.
You may have heart of it!
It’s called Free Will.

Yes, eventually all my paths
Will lead to exactly the same
However, with this funny thing
Called free will.
I have a choice.

A choice to be happy,
A choice to struggle for
What’s right,
A choice to go and live
My life.

From this moment on
With the Lord at my side,
I am going to make life better.
I am going to truly live.
If someone asks me to dance,
I will dance.
If someone invites me to
Fight for a cause
I believe in,
I am going to take it on
With my whole heart.
If someone ask me
To be there friend,
I will be to the end.
I am going to laugh more,
Cry more,
And live more.

Because you know what?
This is the only life we got!
Yes, one day I will be
In heaven with my Lord
And it will be beyond anything
However, God put me here
For a reason!
And I intend to find out
What that reason is.


  1. Lady Amanda, this is beautiful thank you. Thank you for all your supportive comments on my blog. To answer you recent question, yes I am in t. now. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed my poem. A lot of people say they just write for themselves, but every time I write a poem, I think to myself what will this convay to my audience. I am glad that you read my comments, J.B.R. I know you have so many followers. It's nice to know that you take the time to read mine! Therapy is awesome. I think God uses it as a tool! Just the way he uses artifical heart valves.
    Blessings to you and those special to you,