Monday, June 14, 2010

For Nina

It’s one of my good friends and sister in Christ has birthday on the twenty – eight of this month. So I am dictating this to her. Nina has battled bipolar for many years and now her medicine just is not helping her! Her old psychiatrist retired and she is trying to get used to a new one while going through another low. Anyone of you that pray on this site, pray for Nina. And those who don’t send good universe energy out to her.

For Nina
By Amanda Robin

Nina loves her Savior with a love
That the devil can’t touch.
He is lifting her now
Into His mighty chest
And holding her
Saying Nobody is going
To hurt you
Not today.

Nina has friends that love her
Friends that won’t go away
Just because they can’t see
Her right now
Because we remember
The graceful love
She has for us.

Nina is beautiful
Like a butterfly.
Nina is kind
Like mother Angelica.
Nina is sweet
Like honey straight
From the comb.
Nina is smart
Like me.
Nina is caring
Just like Jesus.
Nina is creative
Like Pablo Pasco.
Nina is understanding
Like my first grade teacher

Nina is all this and more
That why I love her.
And why the great Almighty
Is delighted in His child


  1. Amanda, this was lovely.  Thank you for sharing.  Blessings.

  2. HI Amanda....I'm praying for Nina and for you too. I liked this poem. Hey...stay strong ok. You're a fighter like me.... ☺

  3. J.B.R.,

    I glad you liked it. And your very welcome, blessings to you too!


    Thank you for the prayers, both Nina and I could use them. How'd you know I was a fighter;0)

    Hugs to both my blog buddies,

  4. Came by to give you a ((((Amanda)))